Good Gut Health

Microorganisms in and on the human body outnumber human cells. A large part of these Microorganisms live in the digestive system. Most people learn about bacteria in the context of disease, so it’s easy to think about the harm some of them may do. But, not all bacteria is bad. New research is constantly showing the relationship of gut microbials to many aspects of health. Most people are deficient in the area good gut flora. Adding probiotic rich foods and beverages into ones diet helps to restore and maintain the rich and beneficial ecosystem in the gut. Beneficial bacteria is important for the immune system, hormonal balance, improving the bioavailability of nutrients, creating a spectrum of B vitamins, breaking down carbohydrates and short chain fatty acids, protecting us from dangerous organisms, and neutralizing toxins. It may also reduce body fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol!

These microbials are not made in the body. Unpasteurized fermented foods are the best way to help colonize and nourish our gut flora and keep our intestinal health in balance. But too often the probiotics made by pharmaceutical companies do not contain the probiotics they claim and what probiotics are there do not match the receptors sites in the human intestines. How do we establish better gut bacteria? Raw sauerkraut, rejuvelac, and fermented veggies! Starter bacteria is not necessary to culture your own raw fermented foods. The good bacteria we need is in the air and on our plant based foods already. Fermented foods are fun and easy to make at home. The hardest part is waiting to eat them! Enjoy the sauerkraut recipe posted here.

In love and good health!


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