Best Beet Smoothie


1 beet, leaves and all
½ inch chunk or so of ginger
Wedge of lemon, peel removed
Handful spinach
½ avocado, optional, this gives it a creamier texture
1 Apple or pear, if using a high speed blender there is no reason to remove the core
Filtered water for blending or to add to make your smoothie the consistency you want

Chunk the beet and apple or pear and put in blender container. Add remaining ingredients. Blend, adding water (or not), until you get the desired consistency and your smoothie is…smooth! I usually like my smoothies thick so I can eat them with a spoon. But sometimes they are better with more liquid so you can drink them easily. Whatever you feel like that day!

Beets are super good for your cardiovascular health and may improve your stamina. I have never been a fan of beets, but this recipe is absolutely yummy! And I can report an improvement in my running performance since I have made this recipe a regular in my diet.

Additional benefits of beets: Greater focus, better concentration, supports liver cleansing, and helps fight chronic disease.

Drink up!

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