Super Easy Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are so refreshing in summer, and are satisfying for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack! And they are super portable. With only a few general ingredients, greens, fruit, and a banana or avocado for a nice texture, they whip up in minutes (including cleanup!) and they are super portable. If I am going to have one for breakfast, I fill my blender container with the ingredients the night before and put it in the fridge. In the morning, I take it out and blend away! I keep a couple of 20 ounce double wall stainless steel shaker bottles in the fridge so I take my smoothie with me anywhere I go and have it at the ready. They stay cold all day long! I have turned a few people on to smoothie making when I have sat down to lunch at a conference I was attending and pulled out my smoothie, forgoing the oily, bland, unappealing fare being served at the buffet! It always catches people’s curiosity and interest!

There are so many combinations you can put together you can have a different flavor every day of the month!

 Super Easy Fruit Smoothies

1 large handful spinach (can also use romaine or kale)

1 banana

1 c. fresh or frozen fruit, choose a single fruit or a blend of 2 or more fruits, try all kinds of fruit combinations to excite your taste buds!

Add all ingredients to your blender. If using frozen fruit, let sit for a few minutes to allow fruit to slightly thaw. Blend until smooth.

Tips: For a nice change in flavor substitute ½ avocado for banana.

I happen to like my smoothies thick. If you like yours thinner, or if your blender has trouble blending the thicker ingredients, add water until you get the consistency you prefer, or until your blender processes the ingredients adequately.

If you want to get fancy about it, try any of these add-ins to your smoothie:

1 T. of any of these:
Hemp seeds
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Maca powder

Small chunk:
Burdock root

Fresh aloe – this has a very strong taste so start with a tiny bit and work your way up to the taste


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