Eating simply

Fancy food is fun but isn’t necessary to good health. In fact, it is easier on the body when the food we consume is simple. It takes less energy to digest, leaving more energy to do the work of cleaning and detoxification, absorbing nutrients, and giving you a spring in your step!

Variety is necessary in the food you eat overall, but the variety doesn’t have to be in one meal or even one day.

Why eat more simply?

Eating more simply doesn’t overstimulate the appetite. It is easier for the body to find its satiation point. When there isn’t so much going on in your mouth, your taste buds can really perk up and savor the flavor of the food. Then when you have had enough to eat, your taste buds can more easily play a role in telling you that you are satisfied.

Eating more simply stimulates the digestive response for that one food, rather than multiple foods. Different enzymes are needed to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and sugars. If too much activity is happening in the digestive tract, acids can cancel out enzymes causing food to ferment or decompose, not digest.

When many different kinds of foods consumed at once, our body can tire trying to sort digestion times for the various foods. Again, causing some food to not get digested properly.

Best of all, eating more simply saves time and energy in the planning, preparation, and cleanup of a meal, making it easier to stick to a whole plant food diet when life is busy.

So don’t pressure yourself to make every meal gourmet. A simple meal of your favorite fruit or a blended soup with only a few veggies makes it quick and leaves you with plenty of energy to enjoy the other pleasures in your life too!

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