This is me

I believe that eating can be very simple and still be immensely satisfying, physically and emotionally. And making your own raw food creations is so easy, when you learn how. But I know when we are making changes to our very ingrained dietary habits, it can be challenging.

Raw food, the way nature intended it to be, works synergistically with our bodies. The goal of the work I do is to help individuals balance the body through holistic nutrition. It’s been a journey for me transitioning from vegetarian to vegan to a raw food lifestyle. What I have learned, in all areas of my life, is that when you want to make a serious lasting change, you need support. As my self transformation progresses, a raw and whole plant based diet has given me energy and kept me feeling in top shape! I can outlast anyone on the dance floor, my emotional health has soared, and I have dealt with the ups, downs, and challenges of making serious lifestyle changes. I am excited to support anyone wanting to make more healthy eating decisions as your physical health is a foundation to health and wellness in all areas of your life. Supporting our physical bodies frees up space for emotional and spiritual transformations to take place as well. I am passionate about how a raw, whole food, plant based diet not only provides the ultimate support to our bodies, but also supports the earth and universe in many ways.

While I love working with everyone with any goal toward a more healthful way of eating, I have a special gift for helping those with serious health conditions to cleanse and detoxify their bodies. This cleansing allows the body to return to functioning the way it was meant to, and restore itself to health. There are no half measures then someone is supporting their bodies nutritionally in this endeavor. I am a straight forward, no nonsense, this is how we are going to do it! person. I am in it 100%. I am fierce cheerleader and empathetic coach to have at your side, sometimes in front leading and sometimes in back pushing you along, as you walk through your journey to restoring your health.