Raw Sauerkraut

Thank you to everyone who came to my class last night on raw food basics. It was so much fun! I enjoyed meeting you all. As requested, here is my basic kraut recipe. Enjoy!


Get ready to have some fun!! I think this is such a fun recipe to make, and then watch your work bloom into tasty, tangy kraut, rich in gut loving probiotics!


1 large head of cabbage, green or purple, or a mix of both

2 T. sea salt

Filtered water, as needed


Wide mouth mason jars, knife, cutting board, (or a food processor or mandolin slicer), large glass or stainless steel bowl, and your hands.

How to create your masterpiece:

  • Make sure your tools are very clean.
  • Rinse your cabbage and remove the outer leaves. Save the leaves to use later.
  • Shred the cabbage by either running it through the slicing blade of your food processor, slicing it on the mandolin, or slicing into ribbons with a knife.
  • Put the shredded cabbage in the large bowl and add the sea salt.
  • Dig in! Using your hands, massage the cabbage for about 10 minutes. The cabbage will break down, release its moisture, and reduce in size.
  • Once the cabbage is very juicy, transfer it to your mason jars. One head of cabbage usually makes 2 jars of kraut for me. Pack the cabbage in tightly! Push it down and make sure all the air is out and there are no gaps in the veggies.
  • Make sure the brine (the juice released from the cabbage) is ABOVE the cabbage. If it isn’t, add a little filtered water until it is.
  • Take a reserved cabbage leave and cover the shredded cabbage in the jar. Press it in firmly and make sure it is submerged in the brine as well.
  • Cover the jar, making sure anything you put on it does not create a firm seal. As the cabbage ferments into kraut, it will start releasing gas so you want it to be able to escape. It may even bubble up and over the top of the jar. This is all perfectly normal and tells you your creation is fermenting!
  • Place your jars in a warm area. Usually put mine on top of the fridge. It generally ferments a bit faster if it is on the warm side, but it will ferment if it is cool as well, it just takes a little longer.
  • The kraut should be ready in about 3-7 days. Check on it daily and make sure the brine level is still over the cabbage.
  • When your kraut is fermented to your liking, start eating!! What I see generally recommended is a half cup of kraut per day, but feel free to eat what best suits your appetite.


  • There may some mold that develops on the top leave, but that is normal, just remove it. It’s fine to eat. But if it smells off, then don’t.
  • Once in a while something goes wrong and one my jars will get mold in the actual kraut. In this case, start over. It happens.
  • Store your kraut in the fridge. It will last for months, so feel free to double or triple your batch.

Once your comfortable making your kraut, start experimenting with fun things to add in, such as caraway seeds, shredded carrots, shredded beets, ginger, or garlic. Have fun with the different varieties!

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